Welcome to the Art Therapy Shop! My name is Lauren! I am the founder of this colorful shop! I am an art therapy enthusiast, blogger, creative, and self-growth advocate. I am a licensed mental health therapist and soon to be fully credentialed art therapist in Houston, TX. I have a passion for helping others and the healing arts. 

 I founded The Art Therapy Shop in 2019. Since then I have been working on continuous improvement of designs and product quality. I have decided to re-launch my brand with all this in mind. The Art Therapy shop is about all things colorful, artsy, creative, fun, & inspirational! This is a shop on a mission to advocate & spark curiosity for the healing arts! As an art therapist, I wouldn't want it any other way! 

I hope that you love my shop and products as much as I do! I have put a lot of work and care into everything that you see here. This is a small shop that focuses on the power of creativity and art. I believe it is important to channel our creativity and inspire others through not only positive messages but colorful and playful artwork. 

My mission is to create products that will spark up a conversation and get others interested in the power of the healing arts. I am committed to building a creative community in which we nurture our creativity and inspire others to do the same! If this sounds like a mission you would like to be a part of you have come to the right place! My shop is loaded with color, creativity, and positivity. Let's support & advocate for the healing arts! ​ 

 With Love,


Building a creative community and sharing my creativity is what I love!

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