Giving Back…Thanks to YOU!

Giving Back…Thanks to YOU!

Inspiring artists by giving them the tools, inspirations, and confidence to express their creativity and express their colorful personalities via fashion!

The Art Therapy Shop is a labor of love. The shops' purpose is to give back to the community by supporting 3 creative causes that will be rotated out through the year as a "featured non-profit". We support charitable organizations devoted to advancing creativity, providing education, and engaging children in the healing arts.

For the calendar year of 2021, three organizations were chosen as our featured creative causes. They are as follows: The Global Alliance for Africa, Rx Art, and The Crayon Initiative.

And this year, we've found the perfect opportunity to put our idea into action. We've partnered with ShoppingGives, which will streamline our donation process at no additional cost to you. The Art Therapy Shop is donating up to 10 percent of sales to each cause.

We all want to contribute more to the world we live in, and YOU can do that by shopping at The Art Therapy Shop! It's a win-win for everyone involved: for you – the shopper; Shop owner; And the organizations/causes we give to.

See what we have to offer and help your creative soul find a piece of art that speaks to your love for the healing arts!

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